Audiosources is located at Fuyong Shenzhen, the heart of Pearl River Delta where the electronic product supply chain is the most developed. Our fully advanced production base covers an area of 2000 square meter, equipped with first class product research and development platform, which can roundly meet clients’ customized needs to the users’ interface and functions.


 In the Standardized production, Audiosources adhere to the user-centered design concept and fully take advantages of our 16 years of experience in the field of auto parts manufacturing, making product outlook, function configuration and operating experience being in the leading place.


Standardization and precision of production has been the assurance of our quality. All the process of production, testing and quality assurance system strictly abide by the rule of ISO/TS16949:2000. At the same time, we have formulated a U-shaped assembly line to avoid man-made mistakes to the most extent.

By now, we have established friendly partnership with Hyundai supplier of Indonesia, DC Sport car navigation entertainment system of India, Import Volkswagen car dealer of Russian, Korea supplier of Import Volkswagen, etc.  

Besides, Our product has been sold to countries like Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and countries from Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, which brings the fabulous driving experience to people around the world.

As a enterprise devoted to sustainable development, Audiosources strongly emphasizes the establishment of corporate culture. Every staff of ours hold a dedicated, efficient and rigorous attitude towards their work, and the company also tries its best to ensure the welfare and effort of every single one, making Audiosources into a big happy family. 


Keeping Creative to make your driving experience more fantastic.

Making excellent quality to ensure your driving safer.

Ceaselessly exploring to add more fun for your driving.

Galloping on the road of science and technology exploring, Audiosources will follow the trend of times to grasp the opportunity for development of big data and internet of things, following the steps of internationally renowned brand, and determine to become a internationally top-ranking automotive electronics company.